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Episode 010: Video + Email Marketing Show Notes

Here’s why we dig video in email it:

1) You save the email receiver time. Who doesn’t want more time? They simply click on the video link and you become a trusted friend giving them the information they need quickly and efficiently.

2) It makes complex topics/explanations so much easier simpler to understand. Plus it’s the perfect strategy to help educate folks about a topic.

3) It makes you real! You are no longer some words, a static image, or an email signature. You are a person that the viewer can know and like. And if you remember from Episode 8 – The 13 Deadliest Email Marketing Sins, “likeability” is the number one factor in determining whether or not someone will give you money.

4) You get improved Google ranking anytime you publish a video and putting that video link in your email just send more people to your website or YouTube channel to view it.

Before you start, ask your team this question: “What are we hoping to achieve? What’s the objective? What do we want the viewer to know or do?”

  • donor conversion
  • announce events
  • tell engagement stories to increase awareness
  • thank big donors or important business partners


1) Identify which database segment will receive the message

2) Determine how many videos will you need to nurture the viewer to reach your objective

3) Work on the tactics – the “who, how, when, and how much” it’s going to take to get the videos into your email queue.

4) You can use a good smart phone (preferably newer versions like the LG V30, iPhone 10, or Samsung Galaxy Note8). Don’t have one of these devices? Don’t worry, the smart phone you are using right now will work fine.

5) It’s okay if your video is a bit grainy but it’s not good if you sound like you are in a wind tunnel miles away from civilization. Get an affordable lavalier microphone, plug it into your smart phone, turn it on and clip it to your shirtfront. Done!

Low End: *$13

iPhone and Android Professional #1 Best Lavalier Label Microphone

High End: *$149

iPhone Shure MV8 ios Digital Stereo Condenser

Listen to this podcast in its entirety to access additional tips and warnings. Thanks for listening!

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