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Episode 011: Top 5 IT Hacks for Nonprofits Show Notes


You don’t have to go any further. Burt and Jacy can help you with your IT woes. To learn more go to

  1. To keep everything organized and running smoothly keep all of your IT contacts, inventory, serial numbers, date purchased, the device lifecycle, passwords, and licenses in a safe place. Check your area for local nonprofits that may refurbish computer equipment and then donate them back to other nonprofits. Also check out Intel and State Farm provide desktop and laptop computers to nonprofit organizations.
  2. Where do you get the software needed? Always check with the manufacturer to see if you can recover the software license for donated equipment before you purchase a new one. Have a question? Contact Burt and Jacy if you have questions.
  3. com supports nonprofits, charities, and libraries by providing access to donations and discount rates on software, hardware and services. If you need consulting help along with software and hardware, Refresh IT (on-site or remotely) can do all that and help you get great, nonprofit rates.
  4. Microsoft is also a potential grantor for nonprofits however it can be tricky to get approved. So get some expert help if you need it.
  5. Google for Nonprofits In addition to free email (you can use Gmail with Outlook and other mail servers), docs/drive, and Adwords money. Sometimes it’s up to $10,000 plus older restrictions have been relaxed.

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