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EPISODE 002: Why Facebook is Driving You Bonkers Show Notes

Not getting reach, not getting seen, not getting engagement? We feel you. Let’s dig into why that’s happening and what you can do about it.

First things first- it’s not about the “likes” anymore, it’s about ENGAGEMENT.

Providing relevant content that provides VALUE to your fans is the name of the game right now.

Let’s look at the data as of end of 2016:

  • In the US 79% of all adults with the internet use Facebook. Out of those 77% of those are considered “upper income earners” meaning they individually make $75K or more annually.
  • 90% of all Facebook users access the platform through a mobile device.
  • Facebook predicts within 5 years almost all online social interaction will be video based. (See Episode #0005 for leveraging video) **TIP, never share outside video links on Facebook, always natively upload your videos

Social platforms are not all the same- they attract different people for different reasons. Twitter is your fact based, statistical platform. Instagram is image driven storytelling. LinkedIn is B2B relationship cultivating. People are on Facebook for connection, escapism, community, it is a relationship driven platform- respect the platform.

Engagement is the new “Like”- currently content is weighed by engagement (comments, likes, emoji, and shares) and your relevancy score. Better engagement, the higher the engagement, the further your reach. Your relevancy score is determined by the following; live video, native video, image posts, fan reactions, comments, likes, how quickly you respond to messages and SHARES weigh the most in your scoring.

FUN FACT: 85% of video viewers watch without sound- subtitles on videos are a MUST!

So how do you increase your engagement?

  1. Consistent content; regular posting whether that’s 1x week or 1x a day (schedule it out)
  2. Video as much as possible, LIVE is best.
  3. Optimize all videos; Headline, copy, SEO tags, subtitles (Here’s a video on how to optimize video à
  4. React AND reply to EVERY SINGLE COMMENT (turn on notifications if necessary)
  5. Get familiar with your insights, test your content types and watch engagements
  6. Rinse and repeat
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