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Episode 004: Digital Marketing Predictions for 2018 Show Notes

#1 YouTube will gain ground in lead generation. The cost and uncertainty of Facebook ads are forcing digital marketers to look at other platforms for lead generation.

#2 Same goes with Linkedin ads. You can now add video to your personal accounts. Can you imagine the power of your staff talking passionately about your mission to 500 million monthly users? Even more exciting is the fact the Linkedin will be rolling out video ads in 2018. Shazam!

#3 Have you heard about Facebook Watch lately?! Probably not since it’s been in a beta testing mode for the last few months with a small group of video creators. Some time in 2018 you will be able to use this TV-like option for better news feed exposure of your original, native video files. Side note: A native, original file is an MP4 video that you upload directly to Facebook. Do NOT upload a YouTube or Vinmeo URL link.

#4 The cost of ad space and sponsored posts will be increasing across every platform. This means that you MUST invest in Facebook and other social platforms now to gather as many email leads as possible.

#5 Twitter is back in the hunt. That’s because brands have basically ignored the 330 million users on Twitter. Plus Twitter can be a good ad buy alternative since Facebook and Adwords is becoming cost-prohibitive in some key words. FYI: Twitter (followed closely by Linkedin) is the platform for building relationship with other businesses.

#6 Don’t forget about Instagram! If your nonprofit brand is filled with great stories and you can access even greater images, Instagram is the darling for you. In only nine months businesses using Instagram have nearly doubled… going from eight million to 17 million advertisers.

#7 Your board and your CEO will no longer be able to ignore digital marketing and social platforms as a real and viable means to engage and connect with donors, sponsors, and volunteers.

#8 It’s about retargeting. Because the cost to gain the attention of targeted donors and sponsors will continue to climb, you will need to be more efficient than ever with how you use social media and content marketing. This means using retargeting with the most relevant and resonant messaging.

#9 Social media video. That is all! If you don’t have video in your content mix for almost every social media channel, you’re going to be edged out by your competitors. And it won’t be enough just to create the video. You’ll need to figure out how to repurpose and repost that video across many channels for maximum exposure.

#10 Be a real human brand by giving your donors a real human experience. In this fast-paced, information rich, digital world, the power of human connection is paramount. People want to trust you. They want to give you money but you have to have some soul… some personality behind it. You can no longer share your mission and expect people to throw money at you.

You MUST be more authentic and vulnerable. So spend less time talking about what you do and more time telling others why you do it.

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