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Episode 006: Digital Doozies for Nonprofit Marketers with Lindsey Petersen Show Notes {Bonus material courtesy of Charlie Salt, the family cat.}

  1. Social media is the great equalizer. You start out with nothing and if you do [social media] really well, pay attention to your community, and connect on a level that no one else has before you can grow.
  2. Social media and other digital strategies are so accessible now but remember that the real power is in the conversations and the human connections.
  3. Using social media and thinking outside of the box can get [your organization] into a position… into a place that most big brands would have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to achieve.
  4. A few years ago, one of the biggest challenges was converting other executives and board members in your organization to see the viability of digital and social media marketing. Today, though, the challenge is that they think it is free. You need to help them see that it takes money AND the work is not passive (a few posts here or there).
  5. The other mistake I see organizations make is that they feel so passionately about their space that they assume everyone else will too so they turn their marketing into a billboard-type strategy that says, “Look at us!” They forget that social is about conversations and connections.
  6. There is so much power in private communities (created via Facebook pages). This is place to build loyalty by creating an insider mentality with your top fans and followers. It’s also a place where Facebook algorithm changes can’t touch your followers. Also make certain that you heavily moderate and respond quickly to your Facebook communities.
  7. I get asked all the time, “What is the secret sauce?” I tell them that you never know what’s going to work unless you try. Track your metrics over a period of time. You can’t progress if you aren’t tracking the numbers.
  8. The numbers are your ammunition if you get push back from others in your organization. Never say, “I think we should…,” instead say, “The data says we should…”

MILLION DOLLAR TIP: On the left side [navigation] of your Facebook page, you’ll find one that says, JOBS. Check it out. TRF using that tool, along with some geo-targeting Facebook ads, to find and recruit volunteers.

You can find and follow the talented Lindsey Petersen using @linzlinzlinz on most social platforms. To see the amazing things she has done at The Tyler Robinson Foundation go to

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