Rock Your Email Marketing

Rock Your Email Marketing

Why is Email Such A Big Deal?

The answer is actually fairly obvious.

You own this database and these people have given you permission to connect with them!
Additionally, you want to be where your prospects are… and (for most) they are still checking their email all day, everyday.

  • Email is one of the highest ROI activities in your business…(NONPROFITS enjoy a whopping 34.44% open rate)
  • Email engages & nurtures both prospects and customers to generate new leads and sales
  • Email can be automated so that you can literally prospect and sell around the clock (even while you sleep)

Isn’t Email Marketing Dead?

I get asked this question all the time. Email is not dead but it is abused. That’s because email is not a sales tool but IT IS the perfect nurturing tool.

Email is Definitely Here to Stay People will send and receive more than 269 billion emails per day in 2018. There will be an expected 3.7 billion email users worldwide by the end of the year and in 5 years’ time, there’ll be even more email… with an expected 319.6 billion emails sent.

90% OF US USE EMAIL EVERYDAY – 74% YOUNG PEOPLE STILL USE IT DAILY. Presidential candidates typically raise more than $500 million dollars in email alone!

How’s that for some serious statistics?
Best Practices:

  • Give readers value: educate and entertain | announcements | the backstory | giveaways
  • Include links to information… 5-7 links are optimum
  • 20 lines of text and 3-4 images results in the best click through rates
  • Best day of the week to send an email is Tuesday
  • Best time of the day: 10-11am or 2-4pm and 6pm have the highest click through rates
  • Consistency pays off
  • Required footer information (don’t forget the legal stuff guys!)
  • Automate your email

In Episode 008 we cover the 13 Deadliest Email Marketing Sins so head over there and have a listen. In case you don’t have time for that episode, here are the Top 3 Email Marketing Sins.

#1 You don’t treat your email like it’s your social feed. Post like you do on Facebook and be certain to follow the analytics to see what’s working and then keep refining your messages and subject lines. Plan to measure the open rate (21%) and the click through rate (3.5%). The more relevant and personalized the email, the higher the rates.

#2 Your subject Line is boring Take more time with your subject line than you do with your email content. The subject line should be high-impact and leave the reader wanting to know more.

  • Personalize your email 75% higher open rate
  • 170 – 179 characters have the highest open rate

“What is your biggest question for me?” “2 things today” “This saved a life” “You coming?” “hey ª””Why not you?”

#3 You write like a stiff corporate robot Yes, you! You write like a stiff, corporate robot. Readers like writing that’s relaxed and conversational. So don’t be so formal and for the love… don’t send an email with grammatical mistakes. Grammatical errors imply that, at best, you’re careless — and they’ll put off your potential partners.

“But wait. I’m a terrible writer.”

    • Write like you talk.
    • Record yourself.
    • Read once out loud. Listen to see if that’s how you talk to people. If not rewrite it.

After those changes, read it out loud again and ask yourself – “who cares?” This will improve your relevancy.

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Friends! The numbers don’t lie. Email marketing has the highest conversion ROI with an average open rate of 21% and a 3.5% click through rate. Translation: More donations and leads.

Is the 0 to 60 Email Marketing Start Up Course Right For You

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