Live Video 101 for Nonprofits

Live Video 101 for Nonprofits

82% of ALL web traffic will be video by 2020

  • Expect “stories” to overtake posts in feeds across all platforms
  • LIVE will still get the most reach
  • Repurpose the best sections of your LIVE videos to other platforms by editing to shorter clips and adding graphics and/or frames

**TIP: go LIVE of YouTube initially if you plan on repurposing the videos to other platforms as YouTube gives you the highest (best) resolution


  • Begin with the END in mind- what do you want the viewers to DO?
  • Outline your content (not script) including tags, headline, links and preplanned questions
  • Let people know you are going LIVE! Pre-promote when you are going to go LIVE through your email list, newsletter, social channels, website/blog
  • Complete your title, description, links, tags, thumbnail, BEFORE you go LIVE


  • Start talking from that first second you go LIVE- Always- “Welcome to the REPLAY, my name is ___________ and today we’re talking about….”
  • Ask simple question early “Can you hear me okay”, “Hit the like button if you can hear me”, etc
  • In case of emergency, flip the screen
  • Gain followers by closing with purpose. Ask for questions, recap, introduce your next show, ask for the follow/like/subscribe, and thank them for watching


  • Your Nonprofit Story
  • Stories, Stories, Stories
  • Q & A
  • FAQ’s
  • Behind the Scenesv
  • Sneak Peek/Launch (of your Gala or fundraiser)
  • Contests
  • Donor Survey
  • Interviews (team, volunteers, clients, partners, supporters)
  • Breaking News
  • At Events
  • Toursv
  • How To’s
  • Demo/unboxing
  • Weekly tool or tip
  • Personalized Thank You’s
  • Telethon Style for one day fundraiser


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