Welcome to The Cause Café

Welcome to The Cause Café


Today we are launching, and celebrating, the first episode of The Cause Cafe, a nonprofit paradise where you will learn the insider secrets, tips, and trends absolutely effecting how you market your organization to the world at large.

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About Melaine Moscicki

For the past three years Melanie has worked with small businesses to create and execute results-driven marketing strategies.

As clients began to recognize her highly sophisticated approach to measurable and accountable marketing, she created Social Manna in April of 2017 to handle her business growth.

Since then, Melanie has run successful Facebook ad campaigns for private clients and is teaching digital marketing techniques and strategies through workshops to entrepreneurs, small business owners, and nonprofits.

Melanie has always advocated for various social causes. One such volunteer effort turned into a full-time Director of Development position that has allowed her to further hone her expertise in digital marketing strategies for a privately funded nonprofit organizations.

About Christine Bowman

Christine began her marketing career in 1986 in retail management and regional shopping center marketing. She went on to become the marketing and branding partner at FORTHGEAR, an award-winning advertising firm.

In 2015, Christine began providing marketing consulting and leading educational seminars on corporate branding, digital marketing strategies, storytelling, and personal brand marketing for a group of select clients including leading the marketing and expansion of Ma’am Exams, a new, revolutionary concept in women’s healthcare.

Christine also served as the Marketing Director at the fabulous Tyler Robinson Foundation, created by the Grammy-award winning band Imagine Dragons. She is also the co-creator of Millie’s Princess Foundation, and was a trustee of The Make A Wish Foundation of Utah.

Lookie! Lookie! We’ve have an awesome lineup of future shows. Check it out.

  • Secrets to Getting People to Open Your Email
  • Why Video? How Video? When Video?
  • Personal Branding 101 & Networking Magic
  • What to Do When You ARE NOT a Good Writer
  • It Starts With A Story & Ends With A Donation
  • Video Marketing on Facebook: Explode Your Engagement
  • Twitter. Facebook. SnapChat. Oh My! Which Platforms Should I Use? Social Tools to Help You Manage the Menagerie
  • The RIGHT Call-to-Action
  • It’s a Millennial World After All
  • Beware of Digital Poachers

That’s a small taste of what we’ll be dishing up each week. So grab a coffee, or tea, and a few cookies and meet us at The Cause Café. And for goodness sakes Honey, if you like what you here share it and leave us a rating and review!

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