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We know what it’s like to feel intimidated by every new, flashy marketing trend and we absolutely understand how it feels to have more priorities than you could possibly complete in a 14-hour day… yes, we know that your days are long.

But you do it all because you are IN LOVE with those you serve and WE LOVE that you do all of this without a lot of recognition and sometimes without the right tools or information.

Our goal is to provide you with affordable (free and low-cost) tools to help you be your Nonprofit’s Rockstar.

If you’re ready to amp up your nonprofit’s reach and cultivate more donors then, hurray! You are definitely in the right place.

At only $197 each, our three, downloadable DIY programs below are packed with value!

small investment + step-by-step processes = MORE DONORS


Find the gaps in your digital marketing footprint.


Align and Refresh Your Tired Brand Messaging


The Consummate “How-To” Start


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“Hey, nice to meet you! We’re Melanie and Christine, your nonprofit, digital-loving marketing experts.” – Monica S.
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